Roof Repair And Install

Roof Repair and Install

Roof Replacement

When you tear down an old roof and install a completely new roof, this is called roof replacement.
The Four Things That Determine What Roofing Materials To Use
The single most important factor that will determine the roofing materials you use on your reroofing project will be the location of your home.
Roof Pitch.
The angle of your roof can sometimes be a determining factor.
After that, there’s your personal taste, as roofs come in a variety of looks to match the style of your home’s design.
Materials span a wide range of price points, from asphalt composition shingles on the lower end of the spectrum to slate roofing on the high end.


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Project: Repair or Partially Replace Wood or Fiber-Cement Siding

Did a very good job. Very professional and pleased with the work they did.

Rick K., North Richland Hills, TX